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One last gag…

I met a friend (Paul) at the Zoo last week for a parting drink. He was sitting there with a friend of ours (Jamie) and they were deep in discussion.

It was an odd picture because as they sat there this little guy no more than a foot tall was on the table playing jazz music on a tiny piano, and beside him was a strange Persian urn, of some kind. As I sat down Jamie got up, grabbed the urn and ran to the washroom across the hall.

I had to ask   Paul about the whole thing, he explained that he had found the urn while on an arceological dig in Iran. It was cool because it was the home of an old genie with the power to grant a single wish to each who would possess it. The problem was that the genie was mostly deaf.

Just then a half dozen ducks came flapping out of the washroom; then a few hundred more, then thousands and thousands…Wigeons, Pin-tails, Mallards…millions of ducks filled the hall and the Zoo!

What the hell is going on here man!? I asked, as he snapped up the piano player and we ran for cover.

"I told you." he said "That damned genie is mostly deaf! Did you think I wished for a twelve inch pianist?"    

Pretty tough to catch the eye of this audience for sure. I’m going to tell you all about an idea that I just posted to the DaVinci Club page. Don’t laugh…well I suppose you can laugh if you like. It’s just one of a bunch on the site so go there and see the rest.

The Hungry Ice Chipper attachment.

This spring I was walking down the street and I came accross this old man trying to chip away at about 4” of ice on his sidewalk. I thought he was going to croak right there (eyes buggin out, veins throbbing in his neck), and I thought HMMM there’s gotta be a better way. Well last night it comes to me…the rechargable detachable-ice-chipper-vibra tool adapter. I’m surprised that nobody at the portable tool companies have thought of this one yet.

What do you think. K-tel material? 

come and check out my club

Hi Folks…hope that all of this works as it is supposed to. Im not too sure about establishing a link to the Davinci Club, but I’ll make it go. Come on in and let me know what you think.

Alberta Cowboy Charged With Beastiality

In court this week a British Columbia judge perplexed by a young Alberta Cowboy asked him…”Son you were caught in the cow-pasture having sex with a wrinkly, old, cow…What were you thinking?”

The Cowboy looked back puzzled…”Your Honour…I was thinking of a much younger, smoother cow.”


 I listened to a CBC report about the rescent spate of earthquakes. Is it just me, or if connecting the dots so far makes a line through from the Caribean to Chile and China to the Phillipines. Isn’t the West coast of Canada between these two sets of points?

the snail
  • I heard the doorbell and answered the door last week. I looked around but nobody was there. A few minutes later the doobell rings again; this time I noticed a snail sliding down the wall under the doorbell. It was leaving this slimy trail on my wall so I ripped him off the wall and threw him as far as I could.

  • A week later the doorbell rang again; and ewww, that snail was there again...staring at me. Then I could hear his voice. I leaned over to hear him say " what the hell did you do that for?"

  • Well here I am in Vancouver. It's mayhem!! Massive crowds everywhere.

  • I don't think that the violent protesters would stand a freakin' chance here; the crowds are so pro-games, that any butt-plug demonstrators would be at risk! People have genuine appreciation for the non-aggressive protests though. Imagine that...civil protest winning out over hooliganism. Only in Canada you say?


I need a ride to the Calgary airport this weekend!

I’ll share gas.

Instant gratification education…beauty!!

Most of these people are fully interactive. Outside of online gaming forever…how bad is that?